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Don’t just think outside the box look at it from every angle.

I have said this numerous times; it’s the theme to my blog. It means to look at objects, issues, etc. from every perspective and not just your belief on the subject or the narrow angle you see the subject from.

If you were to look into the mirror straight on you’d see an identical portrait of yourself. However, if you’re at an angle facing the mirror you only see your side profile. You’re looking at yourself through the same object, but you see different views at every angle you turn. In the same sense, if you do that with everything you look at in life you will start seeing it in a very different way. 

No one person has the same experiences or comes from the same background. Therefore, everyone has a different perspective on life based on their own experiences and perception. This isn’t their fault, nor is it yours. Understanding is the key, I think, to learning how to view things from every angle. Some may be completely ignorant to the subject being discussed or grew up with a different view on it. This is why understanding is very vital; if you can do that then you can see why someone may see things in a way you never have before. It comes in handy when having conversations or even arguments. It is frustrating at times when you see things from others’ perspective, but they are unable to see it from yours. In time, though, if you’re persistent and keep your mind open hopefully others will learn to as well. 

Each culture has it’s own set of traditions and values. When living in a world that is a melting pot of cultures, though, it’s vital to blend these views together or to even change some of these into new ones. We live in an ever-changing world and so our thought process has to coincide with it. 

The elders in my family are very traditional and believe things are meant to be done certain ways. When I try to expose them to new ideas it usually gets thrown to the side and disregarded. I know they think they can’t help it because that’s all they’ve ever known to do. Once they’ve been exposed to different ideas (more regularly) it’ll erase any misconceptions and allow them to have a broader view and a more open mind. 

Three years ago I went to FL for Thanksgiving for a mini family reunion. My cousin, who was in his late 20’s at the time, brought his gf. I remember him telling me that he did that to make it easier for the younger ones in the family. That was the first time anyone had ever brought their bf/gf to a family gathering. My brother has a girlfriend who everyone is the family knows about. About 5-10 years ago this wouldn’t have been acceptable to my family. Now she comes on family vacations and over to the house all the time. Whenever my family goes to a wedding and she comes with us, all the elders automatically think that she is my brother’s fiancée. The concept of openly dating is still quite new to the Indian community. It’s starting to be more accepted because people are openly doing it. 

The more open you are the more open people around you will become. People don’t like change or the unfamiliar. It scares the shit out of them. It scares the shit out of me. But change isn’t a bad thing; it’s just different from what you’re used to. It’s okay to change your views or broaden your knowledge. In fact it is more than okay. Not everything is right or wrong, black or white, yes or no. Keep an open mind, about life, and it can be the best thing to ever happen.

A closed box serves no purpose so make sure to keep yours open. 

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Don't just think outside the box look at it from every angle

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