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630 plays! Yes, that excites me. ⇢

Foster the People - Hustling(Life on the Nickel) Shethjuice Remix

Florence + the Machine - Drumming Song Seiji Remix Shethjuice chopped and screwed. ⇢

Thought I’d go ahead and post this because all I’ve been listening to today is Florence + the Machine. Hope you all enjoy! 

Foster the People - Hustling(Life on the Nickel) Shethjuice Remix ⇢

Frustrations from limitations 

Ableton will only allow me 6 effects per live set. Getting around this will be tricky and I haven’t done so. Might need to for the song I’m working on. 

Ya’ll betta get ready for the end of this month. You’re going to pee slushies!  

My friends are hilarious

My friends are hilarious

A few tracks I've been working on. ⇢

I don’t think I’ll be putting anything else up until I’m completely finished with the mixtape…. But then again, who knows. 

Mash up of Notorious B.I.G and Bone Thugs- Notorious Thugs with Sukhwinder Singh & Sapana Awasthi - Chaiyya Chaiyya (Dil Se / Inside Man) ⇢

I just finished my first mash-up ever and I’m super pumped about it. About 2-3 years ago I said I would mash-up Aaliyah Try again and Adele-Chasing Pavements. That one hasn’t happened yet, but it may come soon. 

I introduced the video to Chaiyya Chaiyya to a lot of my non-Indian friends and figured I just had to put it on my upcoming mixtape. So here it is, freshly mixed with Notorious Thugs. 

I hope you enjoy it! 

(I’ve realized I tend to change things even when I think I’m done…such a virgo. There may be changes to come, but for now I’m pretty satisfied with it) 

People don’t understand me, maybe it’s because they don’t understand themselves?

Since I already have a blog where I write about things that interest me and isn’t really a personal blog, I figured tumblr can be the place where I post pictures, videos,music, silly things that fascinate my special senses and just write whatever I feel like. 

So I’ve been on that “spiritual hunt” the past few months and have realized so much about myself, others, and the beautiful world we live in. It was so crazy realizing that majority of what I’ve been taught about life from peers and my surroundings is all a bunch of crap:
That the future is not real! - it doesn’t exist besides in our head 
That the past will haunt us. -The past can’t and never will change what’s going on in the PRESENT, so forget it. 
That love is not what we do -It’s what we are.
That money=success. -Money has no real value, it’s just PAPER! 
That we’ve been given freedom. -HA. hopefully you don’t need an explanation to unnderstand this is false. 
Being original means doing what the new trend is. -WRONG, being original is doing something no one has. 

I could possibly go on, but I’ve got much to do. I can’t deny that I’m still learning, it’s hard to learn and live the way we’re meant to be in the crazy world we’re producing. It’s hard to find out what’s real in this 89% fake world, but it’s possible! I know I know, I should go live in a hut. 

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