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Knew You Before I Met You

Having read through the pages
Before ever holding the book.

Having felt each word
Run through the veins
Straight to the heart.

The unknown, electrifying feeling
That this print furnished the soul with
Favored the option to seek the physical edition

Once found, the sensation never forgotten.


The exterior perfectly portrayed
The intelligent elegance that lay in black
On the pages to follow.

The beauty was indescribable
The silk soft flow the leather cover harbored
The sweet auroma that perked the nostrils

The seeker of literary brilliance
Finally found her match.

The Dance

The dance between the leaves and the wind.
Delicate, beautiful, unexpected.
It’s the way I’d describe my time with you.

It’s a slow dance at first,
perfectly in sync as the breeze slowly pushes it along.
Time seems to stand still.

Before realization hits,
The leaves have blown far into the unknown.
Just as time unexpectedly seems to slip away with you.

Making me patiently wait,
Til the next time the breeze brings us together to slow dance.

Smile gone south

The sun is beaming. The flowers a bloomin. So why has the smile gone south?

Oceans crisp cool breezing. Sandy toes and flip-flop tanning. So why has the smile gone south?

Home-run pitch of nostalgia hits. But remember to live in the moment as it sits. So no reason for the smile to go south.

Hello, goodbye, or nothing at all.


welcomes relationships, adventures, life.

Plants trees, flowers, a garden. 

Exposes your soul to the freshness of the world. 

Excitement built

from the experiences brought to you. 

Tasting love and joy. 


ends a page, chapter, or the entire story.

Sad at times 

many a times,

but not all times.

The leaves that bloomed 

from the tree we planted

have now all blown away.

With the change in the wind, 

we never got the chance to say goodbye. 

After the rain falls,

will the leaves flourish once again?

Has the story ended or just a chapter? 

Nothing at all,


The action that speaks louder than words. 

Today will you say,

"hello, goodbye, or nothing at all?"

The sound of your voice calms me.

Floating as I look into your eyes,

hand in hand I am now home.

Grounded, with the ableness to soar. 

My home is in the hills and the clouds, 

anywhere that you are.

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