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Knew You Before I Met You

Having read through the pages
Before ever holding the book.

Having felt each word
Run through the veins
Straight to the heart.

The unknown, electrifying feeling
That this print furnished the soul with
Favored the option to seek the physical edition

Once found, the sensation never forgotten.


The exterior perfectly portrayed
The intelligent elegance that lay in black
On the pages to follow.

The beauty was indescribable
The silk soft flow the leather cover harbored
The sweet auroma that perked the nostrils

The seeker of literary brilliance
Finally found her match.

The Dance

The dance between the leaves and the wind.
Delicate, beautiful, unexpected.
It’s the way I’d describe my time with you.

It’s a slow dance at first,
perfectly in sync as the breeze slowly pushes it along.
Time seems to stand still.

Before realization hits,
The leaves have blown far into the unknown.
Just as time unexpectedly seems to slip away with you.

Making me patiently wait,
Til the next time the breeze brings us together to slow dance.

Seriously, it’s been an amazing week! 

2012 - Plans get derailed, but you can always form a new and better path

Happy 2012!!

I haven’t gotten on tumb1r in eons it seems! This break hasn’t gone at all like I planned. I didn’t get to bring in the new year like I planned. Nothing seems to be going as I’ve planned! But you know what, I’m still just as happy as can be! 

Two major events happened the weekend of nye- my dad had triple by-pass surgery and my brother proposed while he was in London. One very exciting event being intertwined with a scary event. I don’t think I was able to fully digest what happened to my dad. With my brother being gone I had to stay strong for the family and make the important decisions. It was such a roller-coaster, but I made it off the ride. My dad is back home already and recovering amazingly! I’m also really excited and happy for my brother. It’s going to be such a transition for him and I’m excited to see him grow and start a new path. 

So I usually start my new year posts on how the previous year was and what I learned and then write about my resolutions. All I have to say is that 2011 was another year where I learned what really makes me tick. What I want and who I am. This year all I strive for is to keep following that. I’m so excited about this year! Like I’ve said before, I feel that 23 is the year for me. This new year is showing me that I’m in for a great ride! 

The last two weekends have been pretty amazing because I got to spend it with some of my favorite people. We had some crazy fun times and some very memorable ones. Ronak and Ami’s engagement was such a blast! I couldn’t be happier for the both of them. I loved getting to spend time with the family and all my Ohio buddies! This pretty amazing girl got me Troy Aikman’s autograph this weekend while we were at the same bar as him! Got to hang with my saxobeat pals. We won a fishbowl at Disco because we sang the theme to Fresh Prince. 

Also, the mandir had it’s opening for a new building. 

Great times with great people :) 


I haven’t blogged in a while because I’ve been insanely occupied with school, work, and oompa loompas. I had originally planned to have the Fall On You Feet mixtape completed by today; however, due to being so preoccupied I haven’t had the chance to finish. Once school is over though I’ll get right on it and you will all get to dance your heart out! :) 

It’s sad, crazy, exciting, scary, how life doesn’t go as you plan and expect it to. I guess that’s how life is though? We can’t plan too far ahead because then we aren’t living in the present and working on the present moment. 

I can’t believe it’s already December! Blogging and music to come very soon! 


lol @fordfairchild, we were so unbelievably silly! &lt;3 

lol @fordfairchild, we were so unbelievably silly! <3 

Timez a flyz

The past week has been so amazing. I’ve done some pretty awesome things like - 

  • The 5K Susan G Komen race for the cure walk. 
  • Go hiking and have one of the best highs(natural) I’ve ever had. It was an outer body experience. 
  • Spend time with some of my favorite people 
  • Check out new spots in Nashville
  • See one of my favorite guys perform at a huge venue with one of my favorite DJs Pretty Lights!!!! And to top it off it was on Halloween! (Everyone go check out Cherub lamusica right now!) 
  • Not let my job hinder my plans and do what the heck I want and still manage to get my hours in. 
  • Draw the rough cover for the mixtape
  • Work on songs and got some pretty sweet ideas cooking
  • Make the highest grade on a paper I didn’t get any help on by my English Major frans. 

Those are the highlights. I really have been loving life and giving life my everything. It’s fucking great. 

I’ve been making some of my own beats, but have been wanting to do Fall mixtape of some remixes I love and songs I’ve wanted to remix. I finally sat down to do it and I’m really excited and proud  of what I’ve made so far. 

"Fall on your feet" mixtape due very very soon! 

Here is a preview to what I've been cooking up. ⇢

Still a lot of work to do. But it’s slowly coming along. 

Fall mixtape coming soon! 

This looks so wicked. 
1- I wish my painting looked that cool. 
2- I&#8217;m really contemplating whether or not I should keep my setting to this. 

This looks so wicked. 

1- I wish my painting looked that cool. 

2- I’m really contemplating whether or not I should keep my setting to this. 

as I’m keeping up with the liveblog of the Apple Conference, I’m online shopping. 

let me tell you all that I’m one of those online shoppers who looks at things for quite some time, add it to my cart, and then come back to it a day or two later…most likely to never buy it. 

what is up with that? I can’t stand to see my bank account drop. 


Back to Apple, I really want to buy a macbook for myself. But then if you refer to what I just said about my bank account….I haven’t gotten the balls to do so. 

Apple just introduced the iphone 4S. Nothing too major I don’t think. The iOS 5 does come out October 12th though. Hopefully that is something pretty neat :) 

What do you deserve?

A couple of weeks ago I was told I finally got a raise and on Friday I became aware of what my “raise” actually was. So excited to see, I tore my check stub apart and lmy eyes darted to the slot stating my hourly incomes. My heart sank a little when I saw what was there; the increase was half of what I was expecting. Frustrated beyond belief and more so upset because I knew I deserved more. I told my manager that if the man in charge of my income didn’t increase my raise, I’d have to put in my two-weeks notice. I wasn’t trying to be an ass, but I knew I deserved more and I wasn’t going to be taken advantage of. During my lunch break today I got the news that my raise was increased to double what I wanted. 

DOUBLE! Seriously stoked and so proud of myself for not giving up and standing up for myself. It’s ironic because my morning text was “Good morning! You are worth whatever you think, so don’t sell yourself short. You can do whatever you want and deserve the world :) Have a great Monday.”

Fight for what you deserve, whatever it may be. Stand up and stand tall. 

I often find myself wondering how to exert all this love I have to share.

channelling it in my art, music, and morning texts seems fair.

It would be simple to give it in a bouquet, balloon, or cupcake filled with love,

If I was able to id give you all of the above.

Call me crazy as many may

But I believe we are all here to give,

Our time is limited but the love we give is here to stay.

It boggles my mind when people give out hate

Just shake them until they open their gate.

For I give many chances

But please don’t take advantage

If you’ve somehow lost my compassion

It is done so on your account and fashion

Love is precious, love is pure.

It is something everyone should adore.

I consider you all my family

Whether I know you or not

For this earth is our playground

And our love keeps it going round

I GOT A RAISE!!!!!! it’s so nice to finally see my hard work being appreciated. It’s about damn time :) really happy you guys. Most of you who follow my twitter as well, have read my angry and stressed tweets about work. I wanted to quit so many times, but I hung on because I truly care for the patients and my head pharmacist. My head pharmacist said I was the one holding this place together. It has finally paid off. Eeeeeeee :)

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