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Address Is Approximate, A Toy’s Adventure Using Google Street View

This is absolutely gorgeous — well worth two-and-a-half minutes of your time. —Sarah

Laughing Squid

I’ve recently joined google+ 

This video doesn’t surprise me nor does is show me anything I wasn’t completely aware of. It just points it out and puts it into perspective. I know and understand that everything on the web can be/is monitored and recorded.

The reason I got off of facebook in January is because I felt that it was giving me, the user, anything useful. I spent my time on there either looking at pictures or comments made about what Harry said to Ron and how Hermoine “likes” it. I didn’t find this of any use to me so I got off. The reason I am on twitter and tumblr is because I can put my thoughts out there. Yes, I can see and follow other people, but it’s their own thoughts and ideas or cool shiz they post. 

I feel like google+ offers that with addition to what information you want certain people to see. If I post something about work, my “werk” circle will see it and so on. I know that people can place comments and are free to write anything on that comment, but it’s generally meant to be a comment on the post. Usually what I post is meant for people to think and converse about so I like this feature as well. I like that there isn’t any ads placed on my page and I hope that feature doesn’t change. I look forward to seeing what google will do with this and I hope it doesn’t come to be a huge let down. 

The video above shows that google is becoming a monopoly. You don’t have to give in to it though. I obviously have not chosen their blogging platform because I enjoy tumblr and prior to this wordpress. I don’t use the calendar because I think Teux deux and Calvetica are pretty awesome. 

Just use what you like and don’t use what you don’t. There are alternatives to everything and google+ is just that. 

another reason Maya Arulpragasam(MIA) is beyond the “norm”. Love it. 

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