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Exactly one year ago I wrote this blog post on wordpress. I thought it would be nice to share it on my tumblr. 


Do you ever wake up thinking its going to be a horrible day, and that’s exactly what it becomes? Or had to give a presentation you were dreading and so stressed about, but kept telling yourself it would be ok; to your dismay it turns out to be. You can always turn negative thoughts into positive ones that can be beneficial to you. But if you keep those negative thoughts within you, that’s all you will get in return. I used to always think that I would always get in trouble, for things that didn’t even matter or weren’t trouble worthy. But because I always put my energy into those negative thoughts, thats exactly what would happen. I would either punish myself or get yelled at by another. Once I changed my outlook though, this stopped happening. I started looking at the things I did in a positive way and things started going more smoothly.

Thoughts are only words strung together that you yourself have given meaning. The thoughts purpose can change from the energy put towards it. It can turn heaven into hell or hell into heaven. Just like the presentation example above, if you kept the negative thought of doing badly that’s most likely what would happen. Your performance gets affected by your thoughts.  By telling yourself  ”everything is ok and I’ll do just fine” makes you more comfortable and able to handle the situation at hand.

Have you ever gone to a party and knew no one you were friends with were going to be there, so you just went into it with a bad attitude knowing you wouldn’t have a good time. My mom used to make me go to things I didn’t want to, and I’d just mope around alone and have a horrible time. Recently, I had to take my mom and aunt to a wedding function and only their friends were going to be there. I decided to go to it with a positive attitude; ended up talking about the movie 2012 with the elders and had a great time.

Many people like to make excuses for things that have gone wrong in their life or if a mistake arose. Excuses are made only to trick ourself rather than see what the problem was and see how to resolve it. Making us feel better is the underlying result of excuses. No one wants to admit they are in the wrong or imperfect, but we don’t realize that no one in the world is. Once we accept everything we’ve done for what it is, its easier to start cycling on the path you want. If you say that you hate your job, but you can’t quit because of so and so, you will never be able to find another job and be happy. However, if you say that you are sure that you will find a new fulfilling job, it will come to you much easier.

Albert Einstein said: “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” Negative things sometimes just happen and we tend to stay stuck in that mindset because we’re upset. If you get fired from your job, lose someone close to you, your computer breaks, etc. we want to blame ourself or someone else for it. We stay stuck in a rut because it’s hard not to, but then it’s harder to get out of it once we’ve been in that state for so long. I know how hard it is to stay positive when everything seems to be falling apart, but that’s the only way to keep things together. If you move your energy towards positive thoughts, the “misery” can end in a flash. “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” – Jimmy Dean

Complaining, negativity, quick to judge, stress, fear, pain, etc can dissolve from your life if you just keep your thoughts positive.
The energy you put out initiates the energy coming within. Be positive and everything you perceive will be in a joyous light, but be negative and everything will be poisonous.

God is good

This might be a bit too controversial, so here’s your warning sign.

Ever since I was little I’ve gone to the temple every Sunday. I’ve always been taught to be a very religious person and for the most part I have been. Recently though, I’ve been on this journey that has given me a whole new perspective on life, religion, and God.

I used to believe God is just one Being, one source of higher power. I then thought and was taught God has been reincarnated into other Beings/human forms to teach us humans about life. It used to make sense to me. That there is this one higher power who controls everything.

I always hear people saying that things are up to destiny, how it’s God’s doing that things happen or don’t happen. How it’s upto God what will happen. I used to believe that these sayings and thoughts were true. Now however, I’ve realized that when I used to say or think those things…all I was doing was giving an excuse to why something happened or didn’t. “Maybe God didn’t want this to be, maybe it wasn’t meant to happen…etc” I’ve realized the only Being responsible for anything to happen is ME. The energy and thoughts I put towards something will bring the outcome of the action of what was put into it. I think people don’t take responsibility for their actions and use God as an excuse.

I believe that God is everything and everywhere. That God is love; energy. I pray and I believe in good. I believe if you’re a good person, the universe will treat you well. If you’re a bad person though, you’ll get pooped on.

I understand that bad things happen to good people. I believe thats God, the universe, telling you “hey, you’re doing something wrong. Live life the way you want…here’s your sign; here’s your second chance”

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