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What have you made up today and how is it affecting you?

I’ve written a blog on thoughts before ( , but sometimes we all need to remind ourselves about what we need to do with the thoughts our mind come up with. 

We either know something is certain or we’re making things up. When I say “making things” up I mean: 

  • we’re thinking about what someone will think, say, or do because of something we are about to do or have already done
  • we think about how the action we are performing will reflect on us. Will we do it right or wrong?  What will people say if we do it wrong, wait…what will people say if I do it right?
  • like the above- we are afraid of failing at something (without even trying it yet and if we have failed at it before…what if we do again?)
  • what will people think if I wear this? Or if I don’t wear this?
  • Thoughts of unworthiness
  • Judgement of people, places, and things.
  • etc

Most of the stuff we make up involves what others will think about us. But, um, HELLO! We can only control what we think about ourselves. Whatever you think about yourself or what you’re doing will be projected onto others. If you think you’re going to do great, you will! If you think you’re going to be happy, you’re HAPPY! We also tend to make up thoughts about the outcome of an act we are going to do or are in the process of doing. We cannot predict the future. All we can do is focus on the now. 

These made up thoughts are formed by our ego, the false self. I wrote a blog on this as well: We need to be aware of our thoughts and decide which ones are benefiting us and which ones aren’t. 

Our mind/ego is constantly stirring things up and you have the control to choose what you want to keep in your mind and what you don’t; you are the only one who has the power to control your thoughts.  No one else has this control unless you choose to give them that power. As long as we are aware of our thoughts we are capable of controlling them.  We can laugh off whatever craziness our mind comes up with and forget about it and keep the thoughts that benefit us. Here’s an example of what I mean by the craziness the mind formulates: 

  • Checking out at the grocery store and having a cashier who is rude or has a bad attitude. I get pissed and curse them out in my head, but then I realize “Dude, what if they’ve had a bad day.” 
  • When someone can’t say my name (even my American name) properly I used to get so angry because I thought I had simplified it enough.  I’d wonder, ”How freaking illiterate are you?!” But then I realized I can’t understand people sometimes, so, in turn, I should be more understanding.

We never know what someone is going through fully. Our mind/ego thinks up these thoughts that are sometimes really mean and horrible, but, remember to chill out. We’re all going through stuff, maybe great or maybe horrible, so just laugh off your crazy thoughts and go on your merry little way. Don’t let these crazy thoughts piss you off or get you down. Keep the good shit and dump out that bad shit! Also, be aware of the fact that everyone makes up thoughts. They might not be aware of it like you so have compassion towards them. 

If any of the made up thoughts becomes a fact that isn’t benefiting you, then just brush your shoulders off and laugh it off. The only thoughts that matter are the ones that you decide to keep in your noggin! 

I watched a video by Joyologist, Tricia Huffman, about this. It was an amazing video and reminded me to be more aware of my thoughts. Check her stuff out @ I always try my best to be aware of my mind’s tricks, but I sometimes forget. I really needed this reminder and hope by reminding myself I’m able to remind you as well. 

The False Self

I wrote this about a year ago on my wordpress blog. I re-read it today and realized I’ve forgotten some of what I said. It’s exactly the type of read I was needing though. Hope you enjoy :) 

The False Self-

Have you ever wanted to do something and feared you weren’t capable of doing so? Said “no” to listening or watching new and different things, or going somewhere new because we think we wouldn’t fit in or wouldn’t like the people there. I know that a year ago, I never would have fathomed being interested in yoga, the ps3, nursing, etc. Our mind has built up walls by the help of our ego. We usually don’t even know these walls exist.

The ego is the false self. It’s everything you’ve accumulated within this life. It identifies itself with everything – possessions, reputation, social status, religion, family history, beliefs, relationships, job title, etc. It is very judgmental; always complaining and comparing. Every complaint is a story the mind makes up that we believe. Complaining shouldn’t be confused with informing someone of a mistake or deficiency so that it can be right.   The ego is also very resistant. It never wants to accept what is in the here and now. It’s terrified of change.
The ego doesn’t let you be present. It is aimlessly wandering in the past and/or thinking about the future. Making you worry about events that don’t even exist besides in your mind. Worry, stress, and other forms of fear arise from thinking of the past or future and not focusing on the present moment. It creates thoughts to cause us stress. The ego lives off of this, it needs identifications from the past and the future for its fulfillment. The egoic mind is never satisfied, it is always seeking for more due to the ego never feeling complete.  The Buddhists refer to the ego as a hungry ghost with an enormous belly and the mouth the size of a needle.
The ego survives through suffering by finding or creating problems. It can solve these problems as well, but for it survive it stays in control and manipulates the issues.

It isn’t our enemy however most of us have given the ego complete control. Most of us haven’t learned how to control it, but that’s only because we didn’t know we could. First, we must recognize that we are separate from the ego.  Then we need to watch how the ego reacts in situations. Don’t put your energy into the thought, just watch the thought. Observe it as if it isn’t you with the thought. Accept the situation for what it is and take action from the higher self, the consciousness. Look at it from every angle, rather than the egoic mind. If you are aware of it, it cannot control you, it will serve you. By being the observer of how the ego reacts to things will make the ego diminish on its on.
Live in the present moment. The ego cannot live in the present moment because it cannot identify with it. It has no fear, worry, or planning to feed on by living in the now. All that is left is your awareness, which guides you with intuition and feelings as to how to effortlessly achieve everything that you desire. This doesn’t mean don’t make goals. Make goals and strive to achieve them, don’t think about the destination, more so the journey, the now.

“The real can be known only through the false, so the ego is a must. One has to pass through it. It is a discipline. The real can be known only through the illusion. You cannot know the truth directly. First you have to know that which is not true. First you have to encounter the untrue. Through that encounter you become capable of knowing the truth. If you know the false as the false, truth will dawn upon you.”

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