America- Runs on soda?

Recently, a ban on soda has pioneered by Mayor Bloomberg- the ban is to set a cap on the sizes sold. However, Bloomberg isn’t the one who is authorized to call the shots, it’s said to be the City Council’s territory. The Judge called Bloomberg’s soda ban “arbitrary and capricious,” and rejected the restrictions. However, Bloomberg states that he will challenge the ruling.

There are a few challenges with this ban:
1- It isn’t very consistent:
    Because this only applies to sodas, this excludes all of the other sugary drinks, e.g. Starbucks, frostees, etc.

2. It would cost businesses money
    Many businesses are already hurting. If this is going to be implemented, businesses are going to lose money from sales. To get them on board make an incentive.

3.Grocery stores and gas stations weren’t on the list

I think Bloomberg is on the right track, but he went for the layup before he had the ball in his hand. 


Children don’t come with instructions, but they do come with open minds.

- Christopher Metzler

Oh yeah, I totally forgot the Bonnaroo Line-up comes out today.

Hopefully it’s something that excites me


SeaWorld San Antonio just won Harlem Shake. It’s all over, people, pack it up and go home.

(by saseaworld)


It’s been a while since I’ve made a mix CD  but I still take my time doing it. I have a process of where I have to get all the right songs for the person I’m making the CD for. Then, I have to make sure that the songs flow together. It takes me at least 4-5 hours to get the CD to my satisfaction. Am I the only neurotic person who does this? 

Wicked games indeed.

I’m in love with the weeknd. I have been for quite some time. It breaks my heart that he doesn’t have anything on vinyl. I hope that changes soon.

The other day I was making my usual commute to work. I was wanting to put “wicked games” on, but my hands were tied up stuffing my face with thin mints and steering away. Since I didn’t want to risk fooling around with plugging my phone up to the jack, I decided I’d just tune in to the radio. Low and behold, WICKED GAMES came on! It was like the universe read my mind. I had no idea that the song was even on the radio…Anywho, I was thrilled and tonight I figured since the song was on the radio, it must have a music video. I’ve been dreaming up how I’d remix this song and make a music video to it; I wanted to see if the actual one lived up to my expectations. 

They did not. 


Make your own gun with a 3D printer

Wow, let’s just throw all the regulations out the window….


iO Tillett Wright- talks on equal rights

Put the remote or video controller down. get a ball, and go play outside! 
This graph shows that 8-year-olds exposed to large doses of TV violence had the most extensive criminal record once they reached their 30’s.

Put the remote or video controller down. get a ball, and go play outside! 

This graph shows that 8-year-olds exposed to large doses of TV violence had the most extensive criminal record once they reached their 30’s.


A sweet coming out…


“We hugged and cried together. Then, we all ate the cake and talked.” How amazing is this?!

Source: The Huffington Post

The clay pot that keeps on molding

I was sitting in my nursing class as my professor mentioned how everyone needs to make sure they have a release to go to just to get away from the stresses on school and life in general. I realized that I haven’t had my release in months.

The first month of the new year has flown by and it makes me realize more and more how time flies by. So much has happened within the past few months of my life. I’ve been so preoccupied in working on myself and my career, I’ve forgotten to make time for the things I enjoy as well. Now don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been miserable by any means; I just haven’t worked on my hobbies like I used to. I feel like a clay pot on the spinning wheel that keeps being molded and added onto, but I forgot the base layer that made me. Being in a new state, a new school, a new job, it’s all been pretty overwhelming, however I wouldn’t change it for anything because it’s been such a great learning experience. I’m thrilled that I’m finally getting a grip on who I am and what makes me tick, being away from home, in a relationship, and in nursing school, has really helped me with that. My professor told the class that you really start to learn about yourself once you start dealing with patients…so I’m excited to start clinicals and keep spinning this wheel and adding to it! 

I’ve really missed blogging, making music, and painting. I’ve moved into an amazing apartment that has potential rooms for me to paint in and I should take the opportunity to use the rooms. Time management is such an issue for so many people, but I’m starting to realize that if you really want to do something, you can and will make it happen. So here I am, taking the time to write this, eventually I’ll set up shop to paint in one of the rooms. I’m hoping to be blogging more and posting paintings and new music in the future. 2013 has a lot to offer, as long as you are willing to work for what you want, the sky is the limit :) 

how have you been?

busy, but good :)

10 Reasons Why You Fail ⇢
A beautiful, must-read letter from a soon-to-be father to his hypothetically gay son ⇢

I may not send my daily inspirational/funny text messages anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about all of you guys. And if you didn’t get them, it doesn’t mean you weren’t meant to….

Missing all of my family and friends deeply right now.

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